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is a specialized branch of medicine which diagnoses and treats conditions of the foot and ankle. Podiatrists are doctors dedicated to foot health of people of all ages, from new born’s to seniors. Feet not only allow us to get from place to place but they also support our entire body. Conservative and Surgical options are available to achieve proper foot alignment, which is the basis for prevention of common painful deformities.


REMEMBER: PAIN is your body’s way of telling you that there is a problem which needs attention. Neglect can lead to further damage, treatment is key to a pain free, healthy and active life!  Make your appointment to see Dr. Sutera today!

My Mission Is To Provide Superior Footcare - J. Sutera, DPM


Summer Shoe Dangers: How Can You Protect Your Feet?
ABC | Added on June 4, 2014
“GMA” investigates some of the serious health risks that accompany the summer’s hottest trends.

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Pain in the pumps
CNN | Added on June 12, 2013
A new study is providing some answers as to why some women choose couture over comfort?

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Dangers in Your Closet. Can High Heels Cause Arthritis?
Dr. Oz. Show | Added on Octover 20th, 2010 Dr. Jacqueline Sutera appeared as an expert on The Doctor Oz show to discuss the dangers of wearing high heels, revealing how they throw your body off balance and can put you at risk. Click the button below to view the video.

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